REO and Receivership Management

Investors sometimes find that things go wrong. When that happens, we keep them from getting worse. In difficult situations, you need experienced, hands-on management to preserve the value of your collateral.

We handle several REO and receivership properties. Our services include the following:

Pre-foreclosure or deed-in-lieu evaluation

Is this parcel worth taking back, or has it degenerated to the point that it might cost more to bring it up to code than it could possibly get in the marketplace?

Investment analysis

What debt load does the investment currently support and how is this positioned against the competition? With specific improvements, what would the benefit be to the overall worth of the project?

REO and Receivership Management

Once the property has been placed in receivership, reclaimed via a deed-in-lieu or sheriff’s sale, intensive management is needed. Our network of contractors have the ability to analyze and repair or replace all missing elements of the structure.

Through marketing, we will fill the project and with referral to our brokerage partners, sell the parcel at your price as quickly as possible.

Our Location

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Transparency in financial dealings is how we do business. We give our clients access to our QuickBook accounts so they can track and monitor everything we do on their behalf. We think being open is a better way of doing business.

Process Service
Mr. Burkons can serve papers for the Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court, the Cuyahoga County Domestic Relations Court and the Cleveland Municipal Housing Court. One more service that saves time for our clients!

Total Responsibility
Everyone on a job site we manage is a Rent Due employee. This means that all liability starts and ends with us. We find that accepting full liability makes all of our transactions much cleaner, and our clients appreciate that.

Need more information?
We offer a free initial consultation to discuss your case in complete confidence. Call us to explore what your best options might be to resolve your problem. You can reach Zak Burkons at 216-452-0880.

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