Meet Zak Burkons – Founder and President of Rent Due, LLC

With over ten years experience in property management and receivership, Burkons has earned respect and loyalty from lending institutions nationwide, special servicers, law firms and judges, all of whom appreciate his professional, no-nonsense, honest and efficient approach to projects.

Burkons has gained a reputation as one of the most street-smart, tenacious and goal-focused property managers and receivers in the region. His uncanny ability to to manage resources with incredible efficiency and transparency make him the go-to resource for any type of collateral.

It would be easy to let Burkons’ hands-on experience overshadow his academic prowess. It would also be a mistake. What differentiates him from his competitors is his ability to apply his knowledge of law, finance and real estate to problem real-estate investment.

Burkons earned an MBA (Master’s in Business Administration) from the University of Illinois, Chicago, in 2005. He studied management and finance and specialized in multi-family housing, operations and management.

His education helped position him as a multi-family housing expert, and he went on to manage property portfolios of up to 40 properties and 4,200 units across several states.

Today, under Burkons’ leadership, Rent Due is recognized for its impressive results as receiver and for its operational expertise in the following areas:

• Multi-family
• Commercial
• Industrial / Office
• Commercial Replevin
• Shopping Malls
• Portfolio Dissolution
• Difficult Urban Properties

Our Location

Rent Due, LLC
2769 Commercial Rd. #2
Cleveland, OH 44113


Transparency in financial dealings is how we do business. We give our clients access to our QuickBook accounts so they can track and monitor everything we do on their behalf. We think being open is a better way of doing business.

Process Service
Mr. Burkons can serve papers for the Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court, the Cuyahoga County Domestic Relations Court and the Cleveland Municipal Housing Court. One more service that saves time for our clients!

Total Responsibility
Everyone on a job site we manage is a Rent Due employee. This means that all liability starts and ends with us. We find that accepting full liability makes all of our transactions much cleaner, and our clients appreciate that.

Need more information?
We offer a free initial consultation to discuss your case in complete confidence. Call us to explore what your best options might be to resolve your problem. You can reach Zak Burkons at 216-452-0880.

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