CCTV Security Protects Owners and Safeguards the Premises

Many investors, particularly banks, desire more security for their property. One of our most popular services is closed-circuit television (CCTV) monitoring.

We design, install and implement custom CCTV systems for any project. Since 2006, our systems have defended property owners against frivolous lawsuits, caught would-be vandals and even helped capture a rapist on parole.

All services are quoted on an individual basis, since the scope of each project differs.

security cameraWhen security is an issue – and that is often the case – it’s reassuring to know that your assets can be protected without having to shop for additional security services. Rent Due, LLC can respond quickly to your security needs and get your system up in very little time.

“This is the kind of responsiveness that our clients enjoy,” said Zak Burkons, founder of Rent Due, LLC. “We have all the contacts you need to safeguard your investment if that’s the step that needs to be taken. One call to us, and we take care of the problem. It’s that simple.”